Learning 英语 opens the doors to a whole world of work 和 cultural possibilities. 

Our 英语 courses for beginners are designed to develop the foundations that will help you develop fluency 和 confidence, which are important to achieve full comm和 of the language. Upon completion of the basic 英语 levels, you will have developed the basic skills to communicate 和 carry on a conversation in everyday life situations.

What you will learn in our basic 英语 course

英语 for beginners is made up of two levels. At the end of each one you will be able to:

  • Meet new people, introduce yourself 和 tell them where you are from
  • Ordering 和 offering food, as well as talking about your favorite dishes
  • Describe your job 和 the basic activities you perform
  • Schedule an appointment, as well as ask 和 give the time
  • Give 和 ask directions about directions
  • Make purchases, ask for prices 和 compare products
  • Make phone calls, leave 和 receive simple messages
  • Plan your next trip abroad 和 be able to talk about your destination
  • Describe your responsibilities 和 those of your colleagues at work
  • Communicate with a doctor, indicate what your symptoms are 和 order medicines
  • Talk about your hobbies 和 favorite hobbies
  • Describe the place where you live, what your house 和 your city are like
  • Have simple conversations about technology

Overcome your speaking anxiety with our 英语 subscription

Berlitz Flex uses speech recognition to help build confidence speaking. If you want to start learning to speak 英语 but are worried about having to speak with a live instructor, this option could be the perfect solution for you!

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Worldwide experience 和 presence

We have over 140 years of experience 和 a proven method of teaching languages. The quality of our courses makes us leaders in more than 70 countries around the world. At Berlitz we help you achieve your goal of learning 英语!


Berlitz方法 is 100% conversational. By this we mean that all conversations within the classroom, whether in person or online, are in 英语 和 in a real-life context. From the first day you will begin to speak 英语.

Programs tailored to you

Berlitz offers a wide variety of courses, whether private, group or on your own. We have programs for all ages 和 needs, as well as solutions for your company. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the learning of 英语 to your everyday life.


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