A fast, effective way to learn 西班牙语 online

If there are two things that are important for learning 西班牙语 online, they are: 快速和有效的

与我们的 在线西班牙语类, you will start speaking on day one 和 will progressively move through lessons designed to increase your comfort 和 confidence with the language. 这种方式, you will learn fast 和 get something out of every lesson that you can build on. 


You can speak to an Enrollment Advisor to discuss your budget, goals 和 timeline so we can figure out the best course option for you. We can also schedule a demo lesson so you can get an idea of what our immersive lessons are like.

What makes learning 西班牙语 online with Berlitz different

What does it take to learn 西班牙语 online?

Language encompasses so much that it actually takes a lot to learn a new one. That is why 当你学习西班牙语 online, you will need to learn a lot of different 技能, 所有这些结合在一起, will make you comfortable speaking in front of anyone; even native speakers!

那么,你需要知道什么来 在西班牙语中成为可对话的?


bte365官网从单词开始. That means starting your 西班牙语 language journey by 学习西班牙语词汇

Our vocabulary lessons are built into speaking. Rather than isolating vocabulary lessons to reading words out of a textbook, you will learn words 和 phrases by speaking them. 这种方式, when it comes time to actually use the words or phrases, 你不仅会认识他们, 但也会知道如何使用它们.


Words 和 phrases may be the starting place for learning 西班牙语, 但是没有语法, you will never be able to actually make use of them. 当你 学习西班牙语语法, you learn how to take those words 和 bring them to life.

Just like our vocabulary lessons, our 语法 lessons are based on speech. The goal of learning 语法 is to help you build sentences to speak correctly, 这就是我们所关注的. 


Every 西班牙语 learner wants to 在西班牙语中成为可对话的. Yet, most 西班牙语 courses focus most of their time on reading 和 writing.

With Berlitz, we focus all of our attention on 学习西班牙语的对话 技能. The more you speak 西班牙语, the more comfortable you get. Speaking the language also gives you a greater appreciation for the beauty of the language 和 the importance of non-verbal communication 技能. 


At the end of the day, language is simply a tool of culture. And in order to truly feel comfortable 和 confident speaking 西班牙语, you will need to have the cultural knowledge to appreciate where the language comes from.

当你 学习西班牙语 语法, vocabulary 和 conversation 技能 with Berlitz, you will also learn the cultural history 和 importance of each of these 技能. By underst和ing where these 技能 come from 和 why they are important, you will have a greater ability to use them. 


Classes in this format can be done in several different ways, whether it's via a live instructor or self-paced study. Choose a format that best suits your routine.

Your classes can start as soon as you are enrolled. 然后选择一个课程模块, 和 start learning step by step how to communicate in the new language with the support of our team.

Berlitz is a language school that has been on the international market for many years, bringing success to an incredible range of people of different nationalities.

西班牙语是其中之一 世界上使用最多的bte365官网. 和全球讲西班牙语的人, 当你学习西班牙语, you will unlock opportunities all over the world.


  • 提高专业的机会
  • 打开旅行的世界
  • 找到新的兴趣和爱好
  • Gain an appreciation for numerous cultures

你付出什么就得到什么. To be fluent you will have to be consistent 和 dedicate yourself to achieving your goals. We’ll give you all the tools, support 和 confidence you need to achieve this.


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